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Laax and the neighbouring Flims share one of the largest ski areas in Switzerland so whether you’re looking for piste km or overall dimensions, The White Arena mountains known for super long runs is the perfect place to ski.

Flims is a rare Alpine resort that feels like a local village with traditional chalets lining the streets and luxurious hotels hidden discreetly for privacy. Most people visit Flims for a skiing trip and most of the skiers are from the capital city of Zurich, Germany or small clusters of British tourists who have discovered the tranquil resort to enjoy the perfect ski trip.


What is the Area Like?

Flims is one of the largest resorts in Switzerland and is well connected to winter sports. The region stretches into a sprawling 220 kilometres of pistes and boasts over 230 km of mountain bike trails, 250km of hiking trail, gorgeous sights and a panoramic view of the Graubunden mountainscape.

In summer, the resort offers outdoor recreational activities like badminton, moorland lakes, tennis, golf, mountain meadows and themed walking trails. Spectacular skiing properties surround the area, most of which were recently completed and feature underfloor heating and an open mountain view from where you see the best of Flims Waldhaus.

Why you should visit Flims Waldhaus

The Flims is still relatively unknown and is not offered by most tour operators, so you get to enjoy an idyllic life away from the usual grind of the city for a memorable getaway. There is the magnificent serrated ridge of Tschiingelhorner, which dominate most of the films; the resort is ideal for families with world-class snow parks and one of the biggest half-pipes in Europe to attract a decent crowd of snowboarders.

Skiing in the Flims

The white arena mountains are popular for long runs from the tops and routes from the vorab glacier to the Flims. For a beginner, the options are mild without being overbearing, pushing you to steady skiing in good time. You could register with a ski school instructor where you have to take the test of skiing down the stretch back to base, after which you move up to longer slopes such as the blue number 10 and 30.

Intermediates have a plethora of options to choose from with unending runs, extensive glacial slopes and tree lined trails. Along with your run are breathtaking views and routes perfect for spectacular polenta.

Most of the White Arena slopes are above 2000m mark and there is always snow in the Flims either during the early or late season. The best time to visit is at Christmas when it all feels magical with lengthy runs that make time pass so quickly.

4 Places to Visit in Flims Waldhaus

1. Caumasee mountain lake: 30 minutes walk from the village is an enchanting lake snuggled between Flims and Laax mountains. The lake shimmers in a unique colour that is crystal clear and a lot of fun to swim in during summer. Take your wallet with you so you can enjoy good food at a nice restaurant where prices are surprisingly affordable for a Swiss restaurant.

2. Aussichtsplattform II Spir Conn: On the way from Cauma, you don’t want to miss the amazing tourist attraction called “Aussichtsplattform II Spir Conn with views reminiscent of the Grand Canyon horseshoe river turn. The area features several drinking fountains useful on a hot summer afternoon with a nearby café for brunch or early dinner.

3. Trudge Dil Flem: one of the nicest hiking routes with easy/moderate trails in Switzerland with beautiful views along the waterfall. Good hiking boots are recommended to protect your toes during the long downhill section.

4. Alpen Arena: The Ski resorts of Laax, Falera and Flims combine into an outstanding winter playground where skiers and snowboarders gather for a family day of fun. It is a wonderful location for beginners to take skiing lessons with the Crap Sogn Gion, an ideal place for you to practice.

Where Should you Eat?

The Epoca is a fine dining restaurant at the Waldhaus Hotel perfect for the rare expensive 5-star dining experience. A highlight of your evening should be the four-course menu that contains Thai curry soup with oxtail-filled ravioli and beef fillet. For traditional Swiss cuisine visit Cavigilli, 2 minutes from the lift station and for a lovely brunch Bergrestaurant Startgels serve an excellent polenta with a variety of sauces including tomato, gorgonzola and mushroom.

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