Hospitality Jobs in Niseko : Roles in Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs

Hospitality Jobs in Niseko : Roles in Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs

Learn about Hospitality Jobs in Niseko Ski Resort

Niseko, nestled in Hokkaido, Japan, is famous not only for its world-class skiing, but also for its extensive dining and nightlife scene. In fact, the Niseko-cho area which encompasses Hirafu, Niseko Village, Kutchan and other villages has some of the best restaurants in the country. As you’d expect, there are various job opportunities in the hospitality sector here, with options across cafes, restaurants, bars, and even nightclubs. Learn more about the types of hospitality roles available in the Niseko area, and some of the employers in the sector.

1. Chefs and Cooks

The culinary backbone of Niseko’s dining scene, chefs and cooks play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional gastronomic experiences. They work across a variety of venues, from upscale restaurants offering Japanese and international cuisine to casual eateries and cafes. Responsibilities and jobs include:

  • Head Chefs: Leading kitchen operations, creating menus, and ensuring high-quality food preparation.
  • Sous Chefs and Line Cooks: Assisting in food preparation, maintaining kitchen hygiene, and ensuring timely service.
  • Pot washer : Supporting chefs in their day-to-day kitchen tasks

2. Waitstaff (Waiter)

Waitstaff are essential for providing excellent customer service in restaurants and bars. They are responsible for:

  • Taking Orders: Efficiently recording guest orders and conveying them to the kitchen.
  • Serving Food and Drinks: Ensuring timely and accurate service of meals and beverages.
  • Customer Interaction: Offering menu recommendations and ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

3. Bartenders (Bar Staff) 

Bartenders and bar staff are the life of the resort’s nightlife, skilled in mixology and customer engagement. Due to the large number of bars in the resort, each winter there is a good number of jobs available, but they are snapped up quickly as they are in high demand!

Their duties include:

  • Crafting Cocktails: Mixing a variety of drinks to suit guest preferences.
  • Serving Beverages: Providing a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Maintaining Bar Area: Ensuring cleanliness and organization behind the bar.

4. Hosts and Hostesses

Hosts and hostesses are the first point of contact in restaurants and nightclubs. There aren’t loads of these jobs available, but can be found. They manage:

  • Seating Arrangements: Welcoming guests and guiding them to their tables.
  • Reservations: Handling booking inquiries and managing seating schedules.
  • Customer Service: Addressing guest needs and ensuring a smooth dining or clubbing experience.

5. Baristas (training required)

With influence from Australia, Niseko’s cafe scene continues to grow. Here, baristas create perfect coffee experiences. Their responsibilities include:

  • Preparing Coffee: Making a variety of coffee drinks, from espressos to lattes.
  • Customer Interaction: Taking orders and providing friendly service.
  • Maintaining Equipment: Ensuring coffee machines and other equipment are clean and functional.

6. Other

Niseko’s has a few nightclubs, and as a result you may be able to find other work such as :

  • DJs and Entertainers: Providing music and entertainment.
  • Security Personnel: Ensuring guest safety and managing crowd control. This tends to be for locals only.
  • Floor Staff: Serving drinks, clearing tables, and maintaining the club’s cleanliness.

Here is a list of major Niseko employers in the Hospitality sector  :

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Ski / Snowboard Instructor roles

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