17 Reasons to Work a Snow Season

17 Reasons to Work a Snow Season

1. There is Nothing Like a Powder Day

Riding powder is like flying through snow. There is a reason they say “there are no friends on a powder day”.

2. Faceshots

Heard of faceshots? Where the powder is so deep that you get shots of powder to the face? Working a season is one way to find out…

3. New Friends

Your workmates will love riding and sharing the good times together. You will work with these people every day for the whole season. Make friends, and share stories, that will last forever.

4. Become a Shredder

With four months or more riding powder everyday, you will make your friends gawk as you shred the snow like a pro.

5. Inside Knowledge of your Mountain

Don’t you hate being surrounded by crowds on tracked out runs? Working a season will allow you to find all those hidden areas that only the locals know about.

6. New Culture

If you go international, not only do you experience new scenery but you experience a new culture. Spend time off from work exploring a new country, seeing new sights and tasting new things.

7. Goggle Tan!

Nothing gives you more credibility on the mountain than a deep goggle tan.

8. How about the Girls…

Girls who work in the snow are cool. They know how to shred and they love to party. If you are still not convinced, two words – Torah Bright – ’nuff said. …

9. …And the Guys

Girls, you may end up dating a pro snowboarder – you can’t say you are not dreaming about it!

10. Use your Summer Break…

Why not switch hemispheres for a few months to chase powder? Use the summer break to say ‘stuff the heat’ and instead chase dry, fluffy powder.

11. … And then Stay for the Summer

Many resorts have bigger summer operations than winter. Use the winter to get yourself established at the resort and then spend the next summer hiking, biking and swimming.

12. Or Just Take a Break before Starting ‘Real’ Work

Perhaps you have just finished university? Why jump straight into the world of desk-sitting, interminable meetings and grey suits? Clear your head and work in a pristine alpine environment before taking any rash decisions like entering the workforce!

13. Fill in Time

Or perhaps you just have no job and no study. Work a snow season to fill in a break in your life while you work out your true direction. This will fill the gap in your CV while you have an awesome time

14. …Or Change Careers

Perhaps you want to quit your dead-end job. Working a snow season gives you space to clear your head while still supporting yourself. Who knows, you may end up enjoying the mountain life so much that you stay.

15. Après-ski

A beer tastes so much better after a hard day shredding powder and taking snow to the face.

16. Ski Town Nightlife

Given that both seasonal workers and tourists are there to ride and have a good time, you can usually expect a raucous time. Plus, you live at the resort and know all the locals!

17. Or Just Enjoy the Alpine Environment

You don’t necessarily need a rowdy ski town – how about nights surrounded by nothing but majestic peaks, unspoiled landscape, glittery stars and crisp air?

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